UN Sustainable Development Goals

Semester: SS 19
Lecturer: Univ.-Lekt. Mag. Dr. Simone Gingrich

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent an important global policy framework for sustainable development until 2030. In this course we dealt with the scientific discussion around SDGs and discussed conflicts between individual goals. We attended an international scientific symposium in Vienna to learn about scientific contributions to individual SDGs in the context of a mediatized society. In groups we reflected on the individual conference contributions and identify different points of view. Finally, we worked out current and potential conflicts of objectives between different SDGs


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Group Project
Group: Mara Gabriel, Adaeze Ike, Kevin Jagschitz, Christina Noitzmüller, Claus Schöning, Lisa-M. Weidl
Format: Presentation
Topic: Global SDGs in a Mediatized World

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