Introduction to Epistemology

Semester: WS 18/19
Lecturer: wiss. Mitarb. Univ.-Doz. Dr. Mag.phil. Arno Böhler

How can transdisciplinary cooperation of heterogenous research practices can be organized in the future? In order to answer this question we analyzed different concepts of how the relation of the arts, philosophy and the science have been grasped historically and how our understanding of the relation between these disciplines has to change once they are called to collaborate in a transdisciplinary field that allows them to gain knowledge beyond the restriction of each discipline alone.

After having clarified various concepts of cross-disciplinary strategies we explored two projects of arts-based philosophy and arts-based sciences: The SenseLab, led by Erin Manning and Brian Massumi and Performance Philosophy – a growing network of researches engaged in creating transdisciplinary milieus of untimely encounters between philosophy and the arts.


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Individual Project
Format: Paper
Topic: A Combination of Visual Arts and Economics to Gain Awareness and New Perspectives