Introduction to Biomolecular Strategies

Semester: WS 18/19
Lecturers: Univ.-Lekt. Dr. Tanja Gesell & Univ.-Lekt. Dr.rer.nat. Renée Schroeder

Renée Schroeder and Tanja Gesell gave an introduction and overview into biology. The main focus was on molecular biology. Starting with the questions: What is life? How did life emerge? Further, we discussed current gene technology strategies explaining fundamental experimental and computational approaches. Visualizations both from an artistic point of view as well as from an engineering viewpoint were discussed with respect to current and fascinating challenges in molecular biology. The tasks included Reading, Writing and building ones favorite molecule.

What was most fascinating was the linkage between biology and technology – to be precise the art of calculating protein sequence alignments and getting to know the BLOSUM50 substitution matrix (see picture below).


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