Human Rights in Practice

Semester: SS 19
Lecturer: Univ.-Lekt. Univ.-Prof. Dr. iur. Manfred Nowak, LLM

This course aimed at discussing a number of case studies and current challenges on the basis of working groups and papers to be written and presented by the students. We gained an overview of the meaning of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights contained in the two United Nations Covenants and the European Convention on Human Rights and prepared for a simulation of a court case before the European Court of Human Rights in four different groups – the applicant and his/her lawyers, the Austrian Federal Government, the European Court of Human Rights, the observers. For practice, we held an interactive seminar for role play, feedback and debriefing. Further, we needed to identify topics for individual papers, submit proposals and present the paper outlines. The individual papers had to be max. ten pages.


Group Project
Group: Marta Magnuszewska, Claus Schöning, Lisa-M. Weidl
Format: Paper and Performance
Topic: European Human Rights Council Simulation
Role: Judge of European Court of Human Rights

Individual Project
Format: Paper and Presentation
Topic: Cultural Genocide in Xinjiang. How China Targets Ethnic Minority Groups