Growth In Biomedicine: Technologies And Tissues

Semester: SS 20
Lecturer: Univ.-Lekt. Carsten Marr Dr.

How do cellular systems grow? How does tissue renew itself? Which biological processes are thereby controlled within and between cells? And what methods can we use to measure and understand the underlying mechanisms? Artificial intelligence technologies such as deep neural networks and mechanistic mathematical models are more and more used for the analysis and interpretation of biomedical data. In this block course we discussed concepts of stem cell biology, read and presented scientific papers, and got to know and analyzed computational methods for biomedical data analysis.

Goals of this course were to understand basic AI concepts, learn metrics to evaluate model performance, read and understand current AI and biomedical research literature and debates, understand biological background of stem cells, and familiarize with biomedical methods and techniques.


Group Project
Group: Samire Gurgovic, Leon Otieno, Salma Shaka, Lisa-M. Weidl
Format: Presentation
Topic: Cambridge Analytica – What methods linked to AI have been used to sabotage a political election in the U.S. in 2016