Doing Philosophy, Science and Art

Semester: SS 19
Lecturer: wiss. Mitarb. Univ.-Doz. Dr. Mag.phil. Arno Böhler

What does it mean to acquire knowledge in the arts, in philosophy and in sciences? To find answers to this question, we read and discussed a ground-breaking work of Edmund Husserl on The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology. A text, in which Husserl claims that scientific knowledge is grounded in the lifeworld we are sharing. Since phenomenology is the analysis of the basic structures of the lifeworld (we are bodily embedded in), for him it is the basic foundation of all Sciences. In a second step we analyzed the intercultural and political implications of Husserl’s image of thought by comparing his thesis with Foucault’s claim that in the Greco-Roman culture philosophy was an Aesthetics of Existence, an art to govern oneself and with Derrida’s concept of “The University without Condition”. This finally allowed us to introduce, in a third step, an intercultural perspective. Because, in ancient Indian philosophy, philosophy has always been considered to be a form of life. In order to proof this claim, we read and analyzed the second chapter of Patañjali’s Yoga-Sutra (400 CE), in which he introduces the eight-fold path of Yoga, which is considered to be an art, a philosophy and a science to practice a cross-disciplinary form of life.


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Class Project
Format: Performance
Topic: The University without Condition (Derrida) at the Angewandte Festival 2019. The New Humanists and the positive approach to the university without condition vs. The platonic Identitarians and the negative approach to the university without condition.